21 Junio 2018

Postdoctoral Grant Application

The Institute of Physics at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (1st in QS Latin American and 132 in QS World University Rankings) seeks for highly motivated and talented theoretical and experimental physicists interested in applying for the Postdoctoral Research Associate Grant (FONDECYT Postdoctoral 2019), opening in July 2018. The competition is addressed to researchers who have earned their doctoral degree as of January 1, 2015 or later.

Interested applicants should have the ability to work in a multicultural setting and be part of an interdisciplinary team. Intermediate or advanced knowledge of Spanish language is desirable but not essential. Candidates are expected to write peer-reviewed journal articles, present at meetings, and participate in proposal writing.

Grant: The grant will cover salary for approximately USD 30,400 per year (amount for 2018 call), travel and/or operational expenses for USD 6,700, and health insurance for USD 670 per year. It also considers funding of around USD 4,400 to settle in Chile for scientists residing abroad at the time the call results are communicated.

Proposal sponsor: a local faculty at our University must sponsor the proposal.

The following Research Lines are looking for a PostDoc.

Interested applicants should send to the corresponding Faculty:
a) Copy of the Doctoral Degree
b) CV
c) Cover letter
If your research interest does not fit any of the above research areas, please contact us to look for opportunities with other faculty members.
Questions on immigration issues should be directed to Karina Charris (lecharris@uc.cl) by July 20th, 2018