Apply to the International Doctoral Program in Science Workshop


Ins. Fisica-01
The website off the International Doctoral Program in Science Workshop and a preliminary agenda are now available at:
Password: InternationalProgram2021
Please register by clicking “Apply for participation”. You don’t need to create an Indico account, it is sufficient to provide the minimal information that is requested in the registration form. Attendance is free. Registration of all attendees (including PhD program students, supervisors, steering committee members) is important for reporting purposes, even if you are unable to attend the live sessions but intend to access the pre-recorded material.
Pre-recorded talks of 20-30 min each will be uploaded in the coming week. During the live online session, on 15 June, the speakers will give a shorter version of the talk (7 min), followed by a 3 min Q&A.
Feel free to forward this announcement to other interested colleagues in your partner institution. Please keep in mind, however, that some of the talks will contain unpublished data. All attendees should register themselves, as mentioned above