Spectral Approximation of Schrödinger Operators | Siegfried Beckus, Technion (Israel Institute of Technology)

Empieza el Noviembre 15, 2017 15:45

En Vicuña Mackenna 4860

Categorías: Actividades


The first quasicrystals where discovered by D. Shechtman in the year 1984. From the mathematical point of view, the study of the associated Schrödinger operators turns out to be a challenging question. Up to know, we can mainly analyze one-dimensional systems by using the method of transfer matrices. In 1987, A. Tsai et al. discovered a quasicrystalline structure in an Aluminum-Copper-Iron composition. By changing the concentration of the chemical elements, they produce a stable quasicrystaline structure by an approximation process of periodic crystals. In light of that it is natural to ask whether Schrödinger operators related to aperiodic structures can be approximated by periodic ones while preserving spectral properties. The aim of the talk is to provide a mathematical foundation for such approximations. In the talk, we develop a theory for the continuous variation of the associated spectra in the Hausdorff metric meaning the continuous behavior of the spectral gaps. We show that the convergence of the spectra is characterized by the convergence of the underlying dynamics. Hence, periodic approximations of Schrödinger operators can be constructed by periodic approximations of the dynamical systems which we will describe along the lines of an example.